Electric connections
Electricity disconnections
We know that it can be hard to disconnect from your previous meter supplier and terminate the contract. Our high levels of customer service means we aim to take this painful experience away from you. We are passionate about having the best deal for you so we will help you with all the stages that we can.

Stage 1
We will contact your meter supplier to inform them of the termination of the contract.

  • We need Letter of Authority from the end user and meter numbers

  • Stage 2
    Once they (the supplier) have accepted the termination and you (the customer) settled the outstanding payment, Air Utilities will then contact the Meter Operator (MOP) or Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and arrange for removal of the meter.

  • Payment
  • Contact
  • Meter Removal

  • Stage 3
    Air Utilities will program in to permanently disconnect the Electricity Supply and you will be disconnected.