Electric connections
Temporary supply
We can also provide short term electricity. Even though it is short term we do not fall short on our customer service, as with all our services we aim to provide an excellent customer service and personal energy package. A construction site will often require a connection to the electricity network for a short period on a temporary basis, while the permanent electrical installation is being installed or refurbished. We will happily supply that short term connection while you are working on getting the main supply established. Contact us as soon as you have a plan for a new build and we will work with you to see what we can do.

You may need our assistance if:

  • You require up to four single phase connections.
  • You need one three-phase connection up to 70kVA.
  • You are supplying premises with up to four metering points.
  • The meter position is less than 43m from the parent main.
  • You are undertaking building or refurbishing works.
  • You require a supply to site porter cabins.