Water connection
Water disconnections
If you need any help with the disconnection of your water supply, we can help you out. We know how difficult the process can be with any form of disconnection so once again we are happy to assist you with our dedicated teams following the steps below.

Stage 1
Air Utilities will contact your water supplier on your behalf and inform them of the fact that you want to disconnect the contract, we know this can be difficult so we happily take this step out of your hands.

  • We need Letter of Authority from the end user and meter numbers

  • Stage 2
    Once the disconnect has been accepted by your old supplier, you will need to settle the outstanding bill. Once you’ve (the customer) settled the outstanding payment, we will contact all the relevant parties to ensure whatever needs to be removed will be.

  • Payment
  • Contact
  • Meter Removal

  • Stage 3
    Air Utilities will then ensure the permanent disconnection of the water supply and you will be disconnected.